Climb over the trees, grab the ball and drop it into the bucket to win!

WARNING: You CAN softlock yourself by getting between branches and stuff. That's a small part of the difficulty :^)

Source can be found here.


  • W/S - Hold tail grip.
  • A/D - Move tail (while head is gripping a surface).
  • Up/Down - Hold head grip.
  • Left/Right - Move head (while tail is gripping a surface).
  • Escape - Pause/unpause.


  • Taylor Hansen - Coding.
  • Travis Allbright - Music, sound effects.
  • Nam Ngo - Art.
  • Oswald-Medium font by Vernon Adams.

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP file and double-click the executable. Make sure the .pck file is in the same folder as the executable.


Download 13 MB
Download 16 MB
Download 15 MB

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